Johan Vonk

Johan Vonk

Johan Vonk CEO T: +31 (0)6 46 32 05 14 E: Linkedin Why do I enjoy working at Betronic? It is great fun to work with so many different clients and people. People at customers but also at suppliers and of course my colleagues. It is wonderful to see the dreams of our customers … Read more

Pieter de Smeth

Pieter de Smeth

Pieter de Smeth Manager Software T: +31 (0)20 30 38 516 E: Linkedin Why do I enjoy working at Betronic? In addition to great colleagues and a good working atmosphere, Betronic offers a lot of variety and challenges in projects. A project takes on average between 1 to 2 years and several projects are … Read more

Jasper Ligthart

Jasper Ligthart

Jasper Ligthart COO T: +31 (0)20 30 38 523 E: Linkedin Why do I enjoy working at Betronic? What appeals to me within Betronic is that it is a highly innovative company. This is not only reflected in the products we develop and produce, but also how we organize our processes. This means that … Read more

Erik van Eeden

Erik van Eeden

Erik van Eeden Manager Hardware +31 (0)20 30 38 500 E: Linkedin Why do I enjoy working at Betronic? Betronic is a company that works on various projects for many different customers. The nice thing about this is that we are always working on new developments. No two days are the same, every day … Read more

Practical example: EST Floattech

Green Orca String of batteries

A practical example of our Energy specialization which fits well in this day and age is a Battery Management System (BMS) which Betronic has developed for EST Floattech. The BMS is used in the world’s safest battery system and is an essential part. What does a Battery Management System actually do?The electronic battery management system … Read more

Convert energy

Dak met zonnepanelen

Converting energy to electrical energy has become more and more efficient since the discovery of electricity. Optimizing this energy conversion is a continuous process. We give a number of examples of this trend based on a solar panel installation. Solar cellsFor this we start with the solar panels on your roof, the solar cells have … Read more

Measure and monitor

Panel meter

Projects involving the theme of energy almost always result in measuring and monitoring the amount of energy. It does not matter how the energy is supplied, whether this is via gas, electricity or heat. Each energy form has its own points of interest. SensorsTo be able to measure the energy in a gas pipe, sensors … Read more

Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Have you always dreamed of seeing the software you write literally move?Do you have a great love for innovation? Then we are looking for you! As a Senior Embedded Software Engineer at Betronic you develop software with the ultimate goal of putting a fully certified and tested end product on the market. We develop, test … Read more


Sensors can no longer be ignored in current electronics products. The products are getting smarter and take over simple tasks in everyday life. For example, a motion sensor that switches on the light when a person is present. Or a temperature sensor to measure the temperature in the room so that the temperature can be … Read more

Practical example: E-bike Controller

E-bike Motor Controller

Since the market introduction of electric bicycles, Betronic has developed motor controllers for electric bicycles. This many years of knowledge and experience is still used every day to improve the electric bicycle concept, to expand it with functionality such as a Bluetooth connection and to reduce the cost price. An E-bike motor controller controls the … Read more