Controlling motors

Motor and gearbox

The regulation and control of electric motors is a separate discipline where many techniques come together. What comes in handy here is our specialization in energy. In both disciplines we are concerned with optimizing the efficiency in order to generate as little heat as possible. The heat that is generated must be removed in a … Read more

Patrick Winkelaar

Patrick Winkelaar

Patrick Winkelaar Sales Engineer T: +31 (0)6 46 01 22 00 E: Linkedin Why do I enjoy working at Betronic? The great diversity of customers I come into contact with makes my work very varied and sometimes leads to surprising cross-pollinations. It is nice for me to see the relationship grow after the first … Read more

Touch interface

From the year 2007, when both the first iPhone and Android were released, the touch interface has become commonplace. They were certainly not the first mobile phones with a touch interface, this first was for the IBM Simon in 1992. In the past 13 years, the touch interface has been integrated in such a way … Read more

Practical example: Echtermann eQ

A nice practical example of a display application is the Echtermann e-Q. Our customer is a household name in the professional kitchen world and supplies high-quality water taps. Betronic has developed a display with capacitive button operation for a water tap. With the Echtermann e-Q, the user is able to select 150 liters of hot … Read more


Customers often come to us with a dream in which a display is desired. To choose the right display for the application, we look at all aspects of the product. Resolution The resolution of a graphic display affects how much information can be displayed. Together with our customer, we first look critically at what information … Read more

The origin of Betronic

Bhetronic was founded on February 4, 1977 as a one-man business by Bert Huiberts. The first location was on the Egelantiersgracht in Amsterdam. In the years that followed, Betronic has grown into a company that breathes professional electronics and is customer-orientedoffers services. The main motto from 1977 ‘expressing fun and enthusiasm for electronics business’ has … Read more

Communicate securely

Communicate securely In one of our previous articles, various communication protocols were discussed and the process was discussed to make the right choice. One aspect that has not been addressed here is how your data can be safely transferred to the cloud and stored securely in the cloud. Although this is not important for every … Read more

Collaboration TU Delft


Hi! We are Asha Nixon, Abe Kok, Yayu Ping, Lisanne van den Berg, Eline van der Stoep and Avelien Husen. Together we form a design team for the Advanced Embodiment Design course of the master Integrated Product Design at Delft University of Technology. We share a common interest in improving people’s quality of life. For … Read more

Machine 2 Machine

In IoT, sensors and actuators are connected to the Internet via a back-end. The generated data can then be viewed and used by several people. M2M (Machine 2 Machine) is mainly for one to one communication between two applications (Machines). A typical application of M2M is to perform maintenance on a remote system. In this … Read more