Expice acquired by Betronic Group

As of 1 October 2023, Expice will become part of the Betronic Group. Expice, active in the production and assembly of innovative electronics, is located in Zwaag (NH) and has 40 employees.

Betronic is a fast-growing business-to-business tech company from Amsterdam. Betronic develops and produces innovative electronic products / components that differentiate customer’s product from competition. Betronic focuses on a niche of manufacturers (of e-bikes, heating and energy systems, among others) who do not have the right knowledge and skills to develop and produce such technology themselves. Betronic’s development center is located in Amsterdam (35 employees) and the production site is located in Suzhou China (50 employees).

With the merger of the two companies, Betronic and Expice customers will have access to development capacity and the possibility to produce in both the Netherlands (Expice) and China (Betronic). Through this joint production offering, Betronic will be able to better meet customer needs by offering:

  • Production capacity both in the Netherlands and in China, this choice can be location or cost driven
  • Reducing supply risks by spreading production (offshoring and nearshoring)

Managing Director of the Betronic Group, Paul Vroling: “We were increasingly receiving requests from customer for having a production location in Europe in addition to China. This development accelerated during the COVID lockdowns.”

The Managing Director of Expice, Peter Happé, will remain involved until December 31st, 2023 for transition activities. The leadership team of Betronic Group consists of Paul Vroling (CFO), Jasper de Jonge (CEO), Johan Vonk (CCO) and Jasper Ligthart (COO).

In the short term, the merger of Expice and Betronic will not bring any noticeable changes for the current customers of both companies. For the longer term, the new organization will offer a wider range of services.

The Expice staff is informed during a canteen meeting
Betronic's management toasts the joint future with Expice director Peter Happé
Paul Vroling and Peter Happé make a site tour