Energy Management Solutions

Energy Management Solutions

For your gas and/or electricity application we make the requested solution.

We are your reliable partner for battery systems in both the maritime and private sectors. We support the car charging industry and offer smart solutions for climate control systems, such as heat pumps and ventilation boxes. Discover what our smart products can do for you in the field of energy storage.

Managing energy bills has become quite complex with variable energy prices, hard-to-predict wind or solar power generation, and large energy consumers in both homes and businesses. Especially when the net metering scheme expires. To respond to this, Betronic develops smart systems for both households and SMEs. Part of that is home batteries. These store generated energy when prices are low, allowing you to use this cheaper energy at more expensive times. Our Smart Energy management system communicates with the major energy consumers in the home or in the company and adjusts the consumption to the current energy prices. In this way, each user optimises their energy consumption and ensures a lower energy bill.

Betronic offers energy solutions for households and SMEs. Our experienced experts and our extensive knowledge offer a competitive price offer in the world of energy storage.

Are you also interested in a Smart Energy solution that works closely with your product? Please contact Betronic.

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