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Converting energy

Converting energy into electrical energy has become increasingly efficient since the discovery of electricity. Optimizing this energy conversion is a continuous process. On the basis of a solar panel installation, we give a number of examples about this trend.

Solar cells
For this we start with the solar panels on your roof, the solar cells have become better and better in recent years, in 1953 4.5% of the incident solar energy was converted into electricity, the most advanced silicon cells currently have an efficiency of 26%. By using other basic materials for the solar cells, major steps are expected to reach 40%.

Solar panels supply their energy by means of a DC voltage, where in most cases we want the energy on our 230V AC grid to be returned to run its laundry, for example. For this conversion, an inverter is used that not only ensures the conversion of equal to alternating voltage but also that the maximum amount of energy is extracted from the solar panels. All this takes place with high efficiency so that the carefully generated energy is not lost and also does not produce unnecessary heat.

The energy generated will also have to be used efficiently. Developments in this area do not stand still, not even the legislation. Very visible in this is the transition from incandescent to LED lamps. Less visible are the rules that apply to standby consumption or the requirements that are set for motors in, for example, roof fans.

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Energy storage
If the energy cannot be supplied directly to your washing machine or coffee maker, it will be returned to the electricity grid as standard. Another possibility is to store the energy locally in a hot water boiler or batteries.

The role of Betronic
Betronic has experience with all the above aspects that have to do with the conversion of energy. Several projects with inverters for solar poles and wind turbines have been successfully carried out. But also projects for storage of energy in boilers and batteries such as the Practical Example of EST Floattech.