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Every product that we deliver to you is 100% tested

We always opt for quality

To guarantee the quality of the electronics produced, it is necessary that the products are tested before the products are delivered to you. The required test equipment is developed and produced by us at the same time as the development of your product. When the field test starts, the test equipment is also available.


Development of testing equipment

Design for Test (DFT) rules are applied during development, enabling us to develop products that are geared to testability and mass volume production. By developing our own test equipment, we can
guarantee the high quality of your product.

Two types of testers

Specification tester: during this test, the PCB is tested in detail to see if all tracks and components are in the right place and assembled correctly, and the “embedded” software is loaded into the microcontroller.

Functional tester: during this test, the entire end product, as it will ultimately be delivered to you, is tested on all functions.


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