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Our production

We produce your products according to very strict quality standards. This allows us to guarantee a consistently high quality and delivery reliability. The components that we use for your products are always the components that we have defined together during development. With this we also guarantee the desired lifespan of your product.

We are in contact with a wide variety of globally established component suppliers. This means that we can achieve the most competitive prices worldwide and also define components that affect End Of Life at an early stage. This allows us to quickly propose an alternative to you in order to guarantee the continuity of the deliveries.

Production locations


We have our own production location in Shanghai. The purchasing of the components and the planning of the production takes place
by our own local employees. We manage this local organization from our office in Amsterdam. With this way of management, we guarantee that your demand always matches our production well and that the continuity and quality of the production is guaranteed.
In addition to our own production in China, we have a partner in North Africa and a partner in Eastern Europe.

The production is carried out according to the work instructions determined by us and the required ISO and IPC standards.

Your guarantee

Our service provision is designed in such a way that we develop the desired electronics and subsequently
also produce these electronics for our customers. We guarantee 100% quality in the form of the product to be delivered
but also a particularly high delivery reliability.

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