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We always develop innovative electronics on behalf of customers. This also means that the ownership of the product lies with you.

We have our own Hardware and software engineers and develop a high quality PCBA in a professional manner at a competitive cost price

Thanks to our Product Design department, we guarantee the fusion between the electronics and the housing of your end product.

Our engineers use contemporary engineering software such as Altium and Solid Works and work on the basis of the modern SCRUM system.

Our processes are designed in such a way that we keep you closely involved during development. read more…


Testing is a common thread for us during the development of your product. You will be given the opportunity to test it every time we deliver a partial delivery. This way you stay involved in the development and we know for sure that we will make something that meets your wishes. We develop and make testers that are used in the production of your products so that you can be sure that all products are 100% good. By means of a Track & Trace system, we follow the production of your products at component level. read more…


We produce your products with the latest machines. This allows us to guarantee a consistently high quality and delivery reliability. The components that we use for your products are always those components that we have defined together during development. With this we also guarantee the desired lifespan of your product.

We have contacts with all component suppliers and therefore know at a very early stage whether components will reach End Of Life. This allows us to quickly propose an alternative to you in order to guarantee the continuity of the deliveries.

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