We have all the skills in house

To develop smart electronics for you


We always develop innovative electronics on behalf of customers.
This also means that ownership of the product rests with you.

We have our own hardware and software engineers and professionally develop a PCBA with a high quality at a competitive cost price. Thanks to our Product Design department, we guarantee the fusion between the electronics and the housing of your end product. Our engineers use contemporary engineering software such as Altium and Solid Works and work on the basis of the modern SCRUM system. So we have all the skills to develop smart electronics for you.

The project organization is organized in such a way that your organization remains closely involved in the development at all levels. Every week we have a project meeting with you in which progress is discussed. Every two weeks there is a sprint meeting in which the previous sprint is delivered so that you can test the new functionality. The activities of the next sprint are also determined in the sprint meeting.

Our 6 clear process steps

Concept study

We develop one or more concepts for your business model.

Program of Demands

We create the foundation to realize your dream.

Functional model

We show you that your dream can become reality.


We have realized your dream.

Field test

You have your dream tested by a larger group of people.


We produce your dream in China or Europe.

We also provide the necessary certifications for you

We arrange and supervise various certifications.
We have all the knowledge of certifications such as CE, EMC, UL, EX and RED.

What do customers say about us

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