Motor control

Motor control

We make a suitable control for every motor, for every application.

Motor controls

We make motor controls for electric motors from 10W to about 8 kW. We can control any type of motor such as Brushed or Brushless DC motors but also AC induction motors or servo motors without gearing (Direct Drives). We are able to run the larger capacities via a very compact control. As a result, our technology can be used in many markets such as e-bikes, e-scooters, e-scooters, stairlifts, revolving doors or agricultural robots.

News items and practical examples


Sensors can no longer be ignored in current electronics products. The products are getting smarter and take over simple tasks in everyday life. For example, a motion sensor that switches on the light when a person is present. Or a temperature sensor to measure the temperature in the room so that the temperature can be

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E-bike Motor Controller

Practical example: E-bike Controller

Since the market introduction of electric bicycles, Betronic has developed motor controllers for electric bicycles. This many years of knowledge and experience is still used every day to improve the electric bicycle concept, to expand it with functionality such as a Bluetooth connection and to reduce the cost price. An E-bike motor controller controls the

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Motor and gearbox

Controlling motors

The regulation and control of electric motors is a separate discipline where many techniques come together. What comes in handy here is our specialization in energy. In both disciplines we are concerned with optimizing the efficiency in order to generate as little heat as possible. The heat that is generated must be removed in a

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