E-bike Motor Controller

Practical example: E-bike Controller

Since the market introduction of electric bicycles, Betronic has developed motor controllers for electric bicycles. This many years of knowledge and experience is still used every day to improve the electric bicycle concept, to expand it with functionality such as a Bluetooth connection and to reduce the cost price.

An E-bike motor controller controls the motor of the e-bike based on the sensors and the selected settings on the display. Each electric bicycle is equipped with a speed sensor to meet the legal requirements of the maximum speed on the one hand and to be able to adjust the support based on the speed for the desired cycling experience. Specific requirements in the EPAC (Electrically Power Assisted Cycles) standard stipulate that a user must pedal himself and if he stops this, the support must also stop immediately. To meet this requirement, a sensor is placed on the pedal axle, sometimes combined with a sensor that can also measure the force that is put on the pedals by the user (Torque sensor). Communication with the display and the Battery Management System (BMS) of the Lithium Ion battery is necessary for the bicycle to work together as one unit.

The E-bike controller is used for front, rear and middle engines. During the development of the controller for a new bicycle or customer, the riding behavior of the bicycle is adapted to the specific wishes of the customer, a calm or a bit spicier profile. Once the correct adjustment has been found jointly, a period of testing takes place with a selective group of users. The feedback from the test group is used to make the final adjustments and then release the product. With the released E-bike controller, production is started and the electric bicycles can be assembled and delivered.

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