About us

It is our passion to realize your dream

By developing together in partnership

Our Mission

Our mission is to support European companies in strengthening their competitive position.
by developing and/or producing innovative electronics.

In achieving our mission, we strive to be at the forefront of Technology and Innovation.
The solutions we offer are of high quality at a competitive price.

Patrick Winkelaar

Patrick Winkeler

Sales Engineer
Erik van Eeden

Erik van Eeden

Manager Hardware
Pieter de Smeth

Peter Smeth

Manager Software
Paul Vroling

Paul Vroling

Johan Vonk

Johan Vonk

Jasper Ligthart

Jasper Ligthart

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee

General Manager, China

Our 4 most important core values

We do it together From making the concept study to delivering your products, everything we do is done in collaboration with you. You know what your business needs and we support you in that.

We like clarity In order to be able to work well together, trust is needed and transparency is necessary for this. We are therefore transparent in all aspects of our business operations such as price calculation, processes and quality checks.

Always go for quality Delivering consistently high quality is important to us in our services development, testing and production.

A deal is a deal We think it is important that we stick to the agreements together so that your dream can also be realized in time.

Our specializations

Specializations that Betronic has gained in the past 45 years and which are currently very topical:

Motor control

Within these specializations we have all the knowledge and experience that we would like to apply in your end product.

Piece of history

More than 40 years ago, Betronic originated on the Egelantiersgracht in Amsterdam. In the years since, Betronic has grown into a company that breathes professional electronics and offers its services in a customer-oriented way. Betronic is still based in Amsterdam and has a multidisciplinary team of approximately 30 dedicated employees who do the complete product development for our existing and new customers.

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