Green Orca String of batteries

Practical example: EST Floattech

A practical example of our Energy specialization which fits well in this day and age is a Battery Management System (BMS) which Betronic has developed for EST Floattech. The BMS is used in the world’s safest battery system and is an essential part.

What does a Battery Management System actually do?
The electronic battery management system manages the rechargeable cells of a battery. The primary task is to ensure that the battery is safe and does not break down by, for example, preventing too much energy from being put into a cell or from being extracted too much energy. The secondary task is to make the life of the battery as long as possible, for example by keeping the voltage of all cells exactly the same. It is also important for the use of the battery to know how full the battery is (State Of Charge, SOC) and how healthy the battery is (State Of Health, SOH).

The main features of the Battery Management System are:

  • Continuous, active cell balancing to ensure maximum system up-time
  • High resolution redundant individual cell voltage and temperature measurements
  • Synchronized current measurement with a wide range
  • Redundant hardware and software security layers
Green Orca Battery 10kWh
Batterij Management Systeem 10kWh

To ensure that multiple batteries work well together, each battery is also equipped with a communication connection. This allows the different batteries to communicate with an overhead Battery Control Unit. A communication connection to, for example, the ship’s system ensures that the status of the batteries can be read out at this level.

The battery with the BMS is used by EST Floattech in various applications. Various craft such as luxury yacht, ferry, tug and waste collection boats. But also hoppers / cranes or stationary containers to store energy.