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Measure and monitor

Projects involving the theme of energy almost always result in measuring and monitoring the amount of energy. It does not matter how the energy is supplied, whether this is via gas, electricity or heat. Each energy form has its own points of interest.

To be able to measure the energy in a gas pipe, sensors are required that are able to measure volume, pressure and temperature. These measurements are converted into an amount of energy by means of a fixed formula. Other sensors are required for other forms of energy.

Depending on the application, the measured energy can be shown on a display, but can also be brought out by means of a communication channel. This can be both wired and wireless. To learn more about this, check out our communication articles.

In order to ensure that the products can be used safely, they must meet the applicable standards. Products that are used in an environment with gas must comply with the ATEX standard. Within this ATEX standard, different zones have been defined where different requirements are set in each zone. These strict standards ensure that the risk of an accident cannot take place.

Standards not only ensure that products work safely, but also that, for example, measured values ​​comply with the Measuring Instrument Directive and are traceable. It is good for everyone involved that there is no discussion about the amount of kWh that has been consumed while charging your car.

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