InnoTractor and Betronic develop modular IoT concept

Betronic and InnoTractor have entered into a partnership to realize a modular IoT concept. The concept consists of a total solution of devices, mobile communication and a flexible IoT platform.

New concept for modular IoT (internet-of-things) solutions accelerates the digitization of physical processes that give companies more control and can work more efficiently. For example, by remotely measuring the temperature and location of a cool box with vaccines, you can be there in time if damage threatens to occur if the cooling does not work. With this new concept, companies can adjust their digitization quickly and tailor-made.

The small devices, the Orbitz, are modular and multifunctional as a sensor, tracker, actuator, hub and edge controller. As standard, Orbitz are equipped with GPS, temperature and motion sensor and are already prepared for easy expansion with additional functionality according to customer needs. The connectivity and power supply are also easy to modularly adjust. Thanks to this flexibility, digitization can be accelerated and more control and higher process efficiency can be achieved quickly. “Companies need a solution that really meets their specific digitization needs, but they don’t want to start from scratch. That is why the modular concept is ideal: quickly create a solution but one that fits,” explains InnoTractor CEO Frank Hermans.

The Orbitz communicate with the InnoTractor Gravity IoT platform via the latest communication technologies, converting data into useful information in real time. Gravity is a scalable IoT platform that securely receives, stores and presents data.

The use of the Orbitz offers many possibilities to prevent failure costs, to respond to real-time information and to simplify or accelerate (new) services.

“Thanks to our knowledge in the field of IoT hardware and InnoTractor’s knowledge in the field of communication technology and software, we can offer this complete concept and accelerate digitization”, says Johan Vonk, CEO Betronic.

During the spring, the first Orbitz will be available and connected to the InnoTractor Gravity platform.