At Betronic, we let your product communicate with the user and the world around us (Internet of Things). Find out how we make this possible for you!


At Betronic, we take care of the connection between your device and the user with, for example, a customized display.
Whether it’s a specially designed LCD segment display or a versatile IPS colour display, we offer displays in any desired size, with or without touch functionality.

Discover our displays for e-bikes, revolving doors, stairlifts, electronic water taps, room thermostats and medical equipment. At Betronic, we make the technology personal and accessible, so that your applications offer the best visual experience.

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Royal Boon Edam, a leading Dutch company in revolving doors and security entrances, engaged Betronic for smart electronic innovations in a groundbreaking series of automatic revolving doors. Thanks to Betronic’s expertise, Boon Edam now offers, instead of the usual operation with simple buttons, an advanced touchscreen next door.
The innovative display, which becomes visible to the touch, offers an optimal user experience. Users can easily pre-program routines and set up daily profiles. The touchscreen is unique because of the seamless communication with the main control of the door. The user or technician can operate the revolving door both remotely and on site.

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News items and practical examples

Communicate securely

Communicate securely In one of our previous articles, various communication protocols were discussed and the process was discussed to make the right choice. One aspect that has not been addressed here is how your data can be safely transferred to the cloud and stored securely in the cloud. Although this is not important for every

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Supported protocols

Which communication protocol should I choose?

The choice of a communication protocol to communicate with a data generating application is sometimes very simple. The application often determines the protocol with which to communicate internally. A good example is a car. The communication system in cars is called CAN. If data has to be read out to be sent to a back

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Machine 2 Machine

In IoT, sensors and actuators are connected to the Internet via a back-end. The generated data can then be viewed and used by several people. M2M (Machine 2 Machine) is mainly for one to one communication between two applications (Machines). A typical application of M2M is to perform maintenance on a remote system. In this

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Discover the versatility of IoT! At Betronic, we design tailor-made gateways at your request that can communicate in different ways. We have in-depth knowledge of wired communication protocols such as UART, I2C, SPI, RS232, RS485, CANbus and Ethernet.
Wirelessly, we use various communication solutions such as Bluetooth, Zigbee and Wi-Fi, or the paid enlong range solutions 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G, CAT-LTE-M1, NBIoT or LoRa. Our expertise spans a variety of sectors, including e-bikes, container shipping, concrete production, heat pumps, and ventilation.

Discover how we can take your project to new heights with our technological solutions!

Itho Daalderop develops systems, from heat pumps to fans, to create the ideal indoor climate. At the request of this tech company, Betronic developed and produced an advanced communication module that allows users and technicians to communicate remotely with all these systems.

Previously, furnishing roof ventilators required the physical presence of two technicians, both someone on the roof and someone in the building. Thanks to Betronic’s communication module, the technician can read and control the device remotely, making the second technician superfluous. This innovation has been extended to heat exchangers and heat pumps, among other things, so that the systems can now also communicate with each other via the back office. With the communication module, data is collected, analyzed and continuously optimized for maximum efficiency.

Betronic delivers tailor-made solutions that meet the specific wishes and requirements of our customers, without unnecessary complexity. The custom-built hardware and software enable our customers to be more efficient and save costs.

Let us know how we can make your systems communicate better with each other. Please contact Betronic.

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