Practical example: Echtermann eQ

A nice practical example of a display application is the Echtermann e-Q. Our customer is a household name in the professional kitchen world and supplies high-quality water taps. Betronic has developed a display with capacitive button operation for a water tap.

With the Echtermann e-Q, the user is able to select 150 liters of hot water, for example. The cook can perform other activities while tapping the water and does not have to pay attention to whether the pan is overflowing.

Our assignment was to develop a simple and clear user interface that keeps working under all conditions. The design of the various screens are designed in such a way that they can also be operated without a manual. The IPS display used ensures that it is always easy to read, even if you are not standing directly in front of the display. The most important feature of the product is that it can be operated under all conditions and that the tap is not accidentally activated. The touch control has been developed in such a way that it functions under greasy conditions, but also when the display is covered with a layer of water.

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