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Touch interface

From the year 2007, when both the first iPhone and Android were released, the touch interface has become commonplace. They were certainly not the first

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Customers often come to us with a dream in which a display is desired. To choose the right display for the application, we look at

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Communicate securely

Communicate securely In one of our previous articles, various communication protocols were discussed and the process was discussed to make the right choice. One aspect

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Machine 2 Machine

In IoT, sensors and actuators are connected to the Internet via a back-end. The generated data can then be viewed and used by several people.

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Things vs Data

Things vs Data The term Internet Of Things (IoT) is a commonly used term. In practice, IoT mainly refers to connecting a data-generating device to

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Communication protocols

Betronic can apply all possible wired and wireless communication protocols, which you can think of, in customer-specific applications. The wired protocols such as CAN, LIN,

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