Collaboration TU Delft

Hi! We are Asha Nixon, Abe Kok, Yayu Ping, Lisanne van den Berg, Eline van der Stoep and Avelien Husen. Together we form a design team for the Advanced Embodiment Design course of the master Integrated Product Design at Delft University of Technology.

We share a common interest in improving people’s quality of life. For this reason, designing a system to monitor the vital signs of the elderly was a project for us. Betronic designs the software and electronics in the system. We design everything around it, from ergonomics, user-friendliness to product experience.

At the start of the project we visited Betronic and worked together in the following weeks in our own project space in our faculty. Unfortunately, this was no longer possible due to the corona crisis. We didn’t have much time to regret this and so we quickly picked up the thread again. We have started daily online meetings and building prototypes with home, garden and kitchen equipment. Later these are

We have a positive experience of the cooperation with Betronic. The weekly online meetings have helped us a lot. This has resulted in designs that we are proud of! prototypes replaced by 3D printed and silicone models.