Machine 2 Machine

In IoT, sensors and actuators are connected to the Internet via a back-end. The generated data can then be viewed and used by several people. M2M (Machine 2 Machine) is mainly for one to one communication between two applications (Machines). A typical application of M2M is to perform maintenance on a remote system. In this … Read more

Things vs Data

Things vs Data The term Internet Of Things (IoT) is a commonly used term. In practice, IoT mainly refers to connecting a data-generating device to the internet. This data is then stored in the cloud. The stored data is analyzed and presented again via a mobile application or a web page. What you should be … Read more

Marijn Stam

Marijn Stam

I am Marijn Stam, 24 years old and I am finishing my HBO-ICT Technical Informatics degree. In my spare time I make a lot of music with friends and I almost always listen to music, you often see me walking around with headphones on! I also like to go out into nature with my girlfriend. … Read more