Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee

General Manager, China


Why do I enjoy working at Betronic?

What attracts me most to Betronic is the people-oriented management culture and the enormous potential and growth rate in the field of electric bicycles. It’s a lot of fun to work with my favorite colleagues and friends every day, and it’s kind of fun to grow with Betronic China.

What are my activities and responsibilities at Betronic?

As 1st employee of Betronic China I participated in the design and construction of the production site. My responsibility is to ensure that the Chinese company’s operation runs smoothly while communicating and coordinating with the local government. At the current stage, I am taking more time to focus on the development and day-to-day management of suppliers, and am committed to building a robust supply chain to support the growth of Betronic’s operations.

What else do I like, besides working at Betronic?

I have two lovely daughters, after work I always go with them and play together, study together, and read famous books together. Every day after dinner I go with my wife for a walk in the park, I enjoy every minute with the family.