Paul Vroling

Paul Vroling


T: +31 (0)6 23 62 53 09

Why do I enjoy working at Betronic?

With my financial background, I really enjoy working in a company where physical products are developed and produced. I am proud when I then see these products through the advertisements of our customers on TV.

What are my activities and responsibilities at Betronic?

As part of the board of directors, I am mainly involved in the general and financial affairs of the company. In addition, I am the point of contact for a number of customers in the development of new products and their production.

What else do I like, besides working at Betronic?

Family is very important to me and I like that my cousin and son also work in the company. In addition, I play golf every Saturday with my 2 brothers and I regularly visit my football club De Valken where I have also played football for more than 30 years.