Floww one tap for everything!

Betronic technology takes care of simplicity and safety

Before you needed different water taps and other machines to get different types of water. Now you only need one tap for everything!


The Floww water tap supplies cold, hot, boiling, purified, chilled and carbonized water with just one turn of the faucet. This tap does not differ much from a traditional water tap.  However, looks can be deceiving! The Floww faucet has, next to the usual mechanics, built in electronics. These electronics provide an intuitive control and manage different features. In order to work with this specialist knowledge and to think along with them, Floww has found a flexible and reliable partner in Betronic. As well as the user interface, future features and backward compatibility with older systems presented a challenge.

‘Simple’ user interface
The customer must have ease of use with this system. A good user interface determines the success of the system. If the controls are too difficult, the customer will not use the system. Also, because boiling water is a feature of this water tap, high demands are placed on the safety of the tap as well. A so-called press-turn-press system with double feedback was the solution to meet these high demands. By turning this smart faucet, the customer will feel a ‘click’ and the faucet will change colour as well. This interface has been tested extensively in field research. Human interaction with the faucet has been analysed and the interface has been optimized (without making any concessions to safety). In this stage the mainly software changes were easy to implement.

Betronic’s solution
The complete trajectory, including all field research, took twelve months. The result is a smart faucet. Within the faucet a plastic body has been placed, which gives turning the faucet a good sturdy feeling. This body has been developed to endure long-term use: no wear and tear will take place. This has also been proven by endurance tests. Within the plastic body a printed circuit board (PCB) is installed with RGB LED’s. The colour of the LED shows you, what feature you have chosen.
To control the features (usually placed inside a kitchen cabinet) Betronic developed a second PCB. With those features a hub makes sure the correct water flow will be tapped. This second PCB takes care of the communication between the faucet and the hub.

Successful cooperation
One of Floww’s and Betronic’s mutual goals was developing a successful commercial product. Floww was looking for a partner to think along with the complete process: the development trajectory as well as the production process. Building a successful product has also built a relationship between two professional organizations that complement each other perfectly. The next joint project has already been started.


For more information, please check:

Betronic https://betronic.yirdis.org/
FLOWW https://www.floww-water.nl/

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