Things vs Data

Things vs Data The term Internet Of Things (IoT) is a commonly used term. In practice, IoT mainly refers to connecting a data-generating device to the internet. This data is then stored in the cloud. The stored data is analyzed and presented again via a mobile application or a web page. What you should be … Read more

Marijn Stam

Marijn Stam

I am Marijn Stam, 24 years old and I am finishing my HBO-ICT Technical Informatics degree. In my spare time I make a lot of music with friends and I almost always listen to music, you often see me walking around with headphones on! I also like to go out into nature with my girlfriend. … Read more

Communication protocols

Betronic can apply all possible wired and wireless communication protocols, which you can think of, in customer-specific applications. The wired protocols such as CAN, LIN, DALI, BacNet or customer specific protocols. Wireless protocols such as Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi, ZigBee, LTE CatM, LoRa and 5G.


Whether it is about controlling a traditional central heating system or controlling a modern heat pump, Betronic has all the knowledge and experience to develop this and then produce the products, even in large numbers. Betronic can also arrange the necessary certifications for you such as ATEX, EMC, UL, RED or SIL. In this way, … Read more

Motor controls

Motor controls The knowledge about controlling electric motors is applied by Betronic in many products. From a sevenfold motor control in the agricultural sector to a compact motor controller for today’s very popular electric bicycle. In all applications, accurate control based on the information from the read out sensors is important. The customer-specific result is … Read more